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by Basilix on Jun 15, 2019 at 07:42 PM

Sidestrip Informations, please get to be ascertained and reminded that these are subjective rules and straightforward only related to the Plazma Burst 2 unofficial clan, guild and group formating as > Dragon Region Forces, Pink Region Forces, NATO, Snowflake Squad, The Terminal, D27, Black Rose Family.

DISCLAIMER. As repeated above, this is only about the Plazma Burst 2 UNOFFICIAL group and has nothing to do with anything external other than revealed links and informations on this website and/or the communication center. Please understand and proceed further forward.

Terminology 1. Intern and Ideology/Form:
As a fellow member of D27 you agree to the following definition of membership, not to be mistaken for an user/visitor. A visitor is an user that only arrives and exists in the group to visit and is not affiliated directly to the clan in any sort of way, while a member is a person that affiliates self with the clan and will receive a way to be marked as such, coming alongside the clan into whatever it does, speaking on terms based off the idea in prism of Discord servers, which is where we gather. As a fellow member, or even user, you're welcome to the server, but have to follow the following rules to a degree, else you'll get punished based off the mistake and how bad it was.
1. No NSFW. Given how some of the viewers are sensitive we decided that anything that's explicit or adult content is going to only be permitted inside the channel marked and named after said content, posting anywhere else is disallowed and will result in a major whack.
2. No Gore. Unlike the NSFW rule, anything that provokes real life violence and is explicit content is outright disallowed, as it will NO LONGER be allowed as well, no exception.
3. More of a reminder, while we do not take action over the arguments that are done in public we highly recommend you don't resort to insulting without joking, and we do not encourage scamming or cyber attacking other people, sending IP trackers or anything, as well as impersonating generally and/or exposing real life informations of other people.
4. Speaking of subjectivity, advertising fellow guilds, cland and so on on the Discord server is prohibited, as is spamming and so on, specific channels exist.

Going off to ranking systems and so on, we do not do trainings and so on, so promoting is a subjective choice by only those that contain the permissions to do so, which are not even the dictators themselves.
Starting with the "D27 Members" role, every member has said role as a way to find everyone, and the newbies. The "Primary Members" role is given to the main members, those that are considered to be more than casuals and most know eachother most of the time. The "Council of The Terminal" goes to those that are a rank above. While it's more of a decor role rather than an actual role of power in the clan, it does contain people that have something to do with the external sides of the clan, as well as deciding for the internal sides sometimes. The last role, similar to the council, is the Dictatorial/Leadership series of role(s). The dictators decide, members otherwhise are at most treated nicely and get to vote for clan changes, too, sometimes.

Terminology 2. Extern and Foreign Affairs.
The clan on its own does not wish to fight other clans in any other way than PB2-related fun wars or actual nuking and destruction of fellow servers. While we are sort of closed sometimes, we do allow of visitors at most at least once a week or month, and we do allow other clans to ask to become our allies whether it benefits us or not, but we will not ask any and we will back our allies up by being agaisnt their enemies. We do not outright declare a clan an enemy due to how bad and irrelevant most are, so don't try to ask for attention. Unity allowed and conquested. Sign appealed.

Terminology 3. The League and The Terminal.
As much as the two divisions are separate, they're actually pretty linked with goals and members at most. While The Terminal is the overall total of members that are part of D27, The Terminal is part of the mallicious, nearly not as affiliated group made of people that are supposedly aware of how to combat other clans in slightly more mallicious and disallowed ways. There are some members of The League that are inside The Terminal, and The League needs someone with skills and the capability to comprehend things the right way and behave like a normal person in order to be accepted, take note that each The League-related Group DM (never a server) has capped up to 10 users/place, as Discord's limit exists. The League will often be used to deal during fights caused against The Terminal, and some users from The Terminal are more than allowed to decide. While some members that are in both get to decide around for the clan, it's from the sole fact that they're Council Members and/or above rather than just being members of The League.

Terminology 4. End Subjectivity and Expurgation.
Extra-capitulation towards those that get merged under the ultimatum of being broken for losing a war or for being considered too criminalistic in terms of the game towards us will get to be given a chance to join us, else they get destroyed and their clan gets nuked. We will not tolerate outside toxicity and will deal with such a clan immediatly. Otherwhise, we also offer the ultimatum to dying clans, following the same fate depending on how bad it is for them and if they're gonna die of inactivity and/or so on.